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Robin Serwatka's

Doula & Birth Services  

Robin Serwatka
Birth Doula & Consultant
What is a Doula?   Do I Need One?

A birth doula, also known as a birth assistant, offers emotional and physical support to expecting families before, during, and after the birth of their babies.  Birth doulas act as advocates for the family and are a valuable resource for pregnancy and postpartum information.   

Doulas can be used in all birthing settings, including hospitals, homes and birth centers.  Aspects of relaxation are incorporated, such as guided imagery and massage, with focused intent to produce the best possible birth outcome for each client.  

While it’s important to note that doulas do not manage any medical aspect of birth, they do fill an important role.  In fact, it has been noted that simply having a trained doula attend your birth *can reduce cesarean rates by 28%, *make you 31% less likely to need oxytocin to augment labor progress, *9% less likely to require pain medication, and most importantly, *34% less likely to report having a negative childbirth experience. Labor is painful, but it is my goal to ease suffering and make your birth a positive, memorable event. 

Providing Doula Services in the greater Huntsville AL, Decatur AL, Tennessee Valley and greater Madison/Morgan County region

*Source: Childbirth Connection; Study by Hodnett ED, Gates S, Hofmeyr G J, Sakala C, Weston J – “Continuous support for women during childbirth,” (Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2011, Issue 2).

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As a mother of 4, I’ve had the opportunity to experience pregnancy and delivery through many different lenses.  With my first birth, I struggled to balance what I felt was the “right” thing to do, with what some medical professionals, family and friends told me was “right”.  Everyone has an opinion about what birth should look like, and incorporating all of these views, often from people you respect and trust, can be overwhelming.   


After my first birth, I felt cheated, uninformed, and worse, sometimes misinformed by the people who were supposed to be my advocates.  I had learned, or so I thought, what pitfalls to avoid.  And, for my second delivery I chose a different birth professional, thinking that the person catching the baby would make all the difference I desired.  Boy was I wrong! 


With renewed vigor, I vowed that I would NOT be taken advantage of in any subsequent pregnancies.   I went down a journey of self-discovery.  What DID I want for my pregnancy and delivery? How could I give myself the best chances to make this vision come to fruition?  And who could I recruit to my team of advocates to speak up for me when I was in my most vulnerable state?


With a clearly outlined vision, loads of information, and birth professionals that truly were my best advocates, I went on to have two more children.  Thinking about those deliveries, my memories are vivid, colorful, and happy!  Instead of feeling the negative emotions that surrounded my first two births, I felt alive, invigorated, and proud of what I had accomplished! 


It only seems natural, that once I had successfully navigated the birthing world, I share that clarity with others!


It is my mission to help expectant parents learn what THEY want from their pregnancy and delivery, and help them in every way possible to meet their expectations.  This will be different for every couple, and each delivery is a unique set of circumstances, but with realistic expectations, education and support, your birth too can be a positive memorable experience!

As a certified Pilates instructor for over 17 years, I rely on my knowledge of movement and the body to suggest both pre-labor exercises to prepare for delivery, and various positions during labor to relieve pain, ease tension, and provide optimal positioning for ease of delivery.   I am a doula, trained through DONA International, and Birthing From Within, with advanced training in homebirth doula techniques.  I am currently enrolled in nursing school, working towards the designation of Certified Nurse Midwife. 

I want to make your first experience, the best experience.

About Robin (My Story...)

Robin Serwatka - Birth Doula - Decatur, Madison, Huntsville, Cullman

~ Robin

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Your Doula Service Includes...

In-home Consultation

This initial meeting is offered free of charge, to see if we are a good fit for one another.  Information discussed can include expectations, specific issues surrounding the birth, cost and availability. Approximately 30 minutes.

Prenatal & Postpartum Visits

Two, 1 hour visits prior to delivery to fill in any “gaps” that were not covered or topics that you’re not feeling confident on, during your childbirth education class.  These visits will be uniquely tailored to each birthing family.   And one, 1 hour postpartum visit to ensure that your adjustment to the addition of a new baby has gone smoothly and to refer to you any community resources you may need. 

Labor and Delivery
  • Provide support  physically, emotionally and mentally

  • Be your advocate and help you achieve the birth experience you desire

  • Keep a detailed log of your labor and birth

  • Ensure that you’re settled and comfortable after birth

  • Assist, as needed, with your first feedings

During your labor and delivery I will:


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Decatur, Huntsville, Madison, Cullman Birth Doula Reviews
Decatur, Huntsville, Madison, Cullman Birth Doula Reviews

“Your support gave us the confidence to approach our child's birth not with anxiety, but with joy and anticipations.”

Anya D, Lake in the Hills
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