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Fit to Deliver

As a certified fitness instructor through Pilates Method Alliance, I'm excited to share both of my passions with Decatur, Madison and Huntsville area expectant mothers, in this unique approach to childbirth!  

Labor and Delivery is a physically strenuous event!  We would never run in a marathon without extensive physical training beforehand, so why do we treat childbirth any differently? 

Fit to Deliver addresses the 3 most common issues that can be tackled with simple exercises to promote a quicker and easier delivery.

  • Tight or weak muscles throughout the abdomen and pelvis

  • Asymmetry  in your pelvic structure

  • Overall lack of physical conditioning 

Your initial consultation will consist of  a series of stretches and exercises designed to gain insight in areas that need improvement as well as health history an information regarding your current exercise routine.  This one hour appointment can take place in your home, or at your gym.  Within the next 5 days, you'll receive a customized plan targeting areas that can use improvement.  This plan can be done independently , or one-on-one with Robin.

As a birth doula client, you'll receive special pricing on Fit to Deliver classes.  

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