The Power an Adjustment Can Release

I first came to Dr. Lacey when I was three weeks pregnant.  As a chiropractic student,

I understand the importance of maintaining proper biomechanics within the pelvis and reducing and removing interference to...

The Beauty of Fathering During Pregnancy, What Babies are Teaching Us

Our core understandings of babies and early human experience are in the midst of a 

fundamental paradigm shift.  In my article "Consciousness...

The Pitfalls of Going with the Flow in Birth

So many of us aim to "just go with the flow" as our birth plan.  But could the gentle flow of 

birth we envisage actually be undermined with this approach?...

Cutting Baby's Umbilical Cord: Should You Delay Clamping?

Delaying cord clamping might have benefits for baby, even years down the road. Here are

the basics you should consider when planning for the vital...

Why You Should Think Twice About Prenatal Ultrasounds

I'm now in my second trimester- 14 weeks, to be exact - and I have yet to hear my baby's

heartbeat.  It's a weird feeling, to be honest.  During my first...

Brazil's Caesarean Epidemic Alarms Doctors        

Talita Garbujo's baby is not due until March but she already knows the day and hour it

will be born.  Along with almost 90 per cent of women in Brazil...

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